British Registries 

The British Births, Deaths, and Marriage registries have been digitized (click here).  Linda writes:

"I spent days if not weeks trawling through the original printed census books (together with half of the UK’s senior citizen population) to find them.  This entailed travelling into central London, waiting in a queue in order to be among the first to enter, and spending the whole day taking down from the shelves the very heavy registers and turning the pages as rapidly as possible in order not to waste time. Then at the end of the day purchasing the original certificates that looked promising (but sometimes were not).  

"The original certificates still cost money of course since this is not only how they fund the digitization process and the website but is also a very lucrative business!  I suppose it was only a matter of time before they were digitized. This is a much more cost-effective way to search both for the office of the population census and for the public."

 A sample of what you can find online is shown.  Note in the left hand column the record of Morris Rose’s June 1909 wedding in Birmingham.

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