David, Annie, Sydney and Bessie

The photo we have on the home page is of Isaac Jacob and his wife Leah.  It was taken on June 23, 1909 at the wedding of Menashe and Martha Berkowitz.  The location is likely outside the Singers Hill Synagogue where the wedding took place.  If you look carefully at Menashe (Morris) and Martha’s ketubah you will see that his brother David was a witness.  Here is a picture of David and his wife Annie all dress up, with baby Sydney and a very young Bessie.  I have confirmed that it is the same location where the photo of Isaac and Leah was taken (by superimposing the images and comparing the drainpipe and wall vent) so we can reliably date this also to June 23, 1909. David and Annie Greenhouse married in 1906.  Sydney was born in 1908.  They all emigrated to New York in 1910.


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