The Rose Family in Israel

Of Leah and Isaac Rose’s ten children, the youngest three (Rabbi Abraham, Phoebe and Moishe) retired to Israel. 

Of their forty-four grandchildren, eleven immigrated to Israel, while five resided for a time or retired to Israel.  These include Hadassah’s son Shalom Lev, Morris’s son, Samuel Rose (compiler of the Rose family tree), Jenny’s three daughters, Freda Rothman, Sarah Cook and Minnie Klein, Dora’s son and daughter, Doctor Gerald Jacobs and Edna Tillinger, Shimon’s son and daughter, Rabbi Moshe Rose and Beryl Levkovitch, Jack’s two sons, Basil and Lionel Rose, three of Rabbi Abraham’s sons, Reuben, Chaim and David Rose, and lastly Phoebe’s daughter, Renee Pink, and more recently her son, Dr. Isidore Crown. 

At the time of writing this blog entry (September 15, 2014), to my knowledge seven of the above (Sarah Cook, Gerald Jacobs, Basil Rose, Chaim and David Rose, Renee Pink and Isidore Crown) are still alive, evidence of the longevity of the Rose family.

As for Leah and Isaac Rose’s eighty-five great grandchildren, twenty-five live or have resided in Israel. They are scattered throughout the country, some in Israeli cities or towns, others in kibbutzim. Some are secular Jews, most are Orthodox Jews. Unfortunately there is not that much contact between the two. In fact when I started researching the Rose family history no-one was more surprised than me to find that we had so many relatives living in Israel.

Having re-established contact with many of them, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity provided by my daughter’s 2003 wedding, to organise a reunion between my mother and her Rose first cousins. Some photographs taken at that wedding are here, here, and here.

In the same way my sister, Zena, took advantage of our niece’s 2014 wedding in California, to invite our cousins from the American branch of the Rose family. Photographs of this event are posted on Bob’s page at Flickr.


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