Issac Jacob Rose

Family history has it that Issac Jacob was a Levi, and this is buttressed by the record of his brother having the name Shimon Halevi.  So far as we know, he was born in Poland c.1850.  As the story goes, he was in a line of Torah scholars, and his oldest son Morris (Menashe) studied in a yeshiva in Lithuania.  Morris instead opted for a business career, and a younger son, Abraham became a rabbi.

Linda determined that Issac Jacob had a number of different occupations. One of the first was as a guard in the forests, sleeping in a hut all week and returning home for Shabbat.  She sometimes wonders whether he worked for his wife's parents (the Gutfarbs) who were reputed to be landowners (most unusual for Jews who were usually not permitted to own land).  She found another source that tells us that in Poland he had been a magid, an itinerant teacher who travelled from shtetl to shtetl using stories to drive home his moral message and to keep the spirit of Judaism and the hope of the Messiah alive. 

Issac emigrated to Birmingham, UK, and we have a photo (click here) of him and Leah taken at a wedding in Birmingham in 1909.  His tree follows.  In the tree we have listed his father’s name as Rosenoff according to a family letter although another document indicates that the name may have been Rosenov.

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